Leadership Development Series

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Study the many facets of leadership through interactive workshops and seminars. The LDS workshops provide the resources necessary to develop personal integrity, organizational understanding, communication skills, and an ethic of service. Though not required, we suggest beginning with LDS 050. This workshop will expose you to the format, purpose, learning outcomes, and reflection that are incorporated throughout the program. We also suggest you follow LDS 050 with LDS 116, where you will learn about a variety of leadership styles that will be referenced in many other workshops. All workshops begin at 6:30pm and the dress is casual. For more information or if you have any questions, contact Leslie Beddingfield.

The Leadership Development Series is categorized in four leadership domains: Person, People, Passion and Practice. Each domain identifies dimensions or competency areas connected to specific workshops. Participants may identify skill sets to focus on and can navigate workshops based on competencies. Each domain, competency area, and workshop within it is located below. Please note that workshops in bold represent Visionary Leaders Certificate core workshops. Requirements for the Visionary Leadership Certificate

Workshop Locations

Workshop locations vary and are listed on the registration page.

Workshops begin at 6:30 PM and last an hour and a half to two hours.

LDS Workshops

The workshops in this focus area challenge participants to explore their own personal leadership style, philosophies and practices. These competencies hone in on the skills related to interpersonal development.

Leadership Knowledge and Application:
LDS 643 - Introduction to Leadership Development Series and the Visionary Leaders Certificate
LDS 116 - Leadership Style Assessments
LDS 644 - Leadership Theories, Models & Philosophies

Personal Development:
LDS 080 - Assertive Communications
LDS 206 - Marketing Your Leadership Skills
LDS 004 - Managing Stress 


The courses connected to these competencies provide opportunities for participants to examine the relationships that are influential to their leadership development. These relationships might consist of support networks, resources, peers and colleagues. These workshops will also prepare you to engage in dialogue with those you might not naturally interact with and seek opportunities to work with people who ‘think and do’ differently from you.

Intrapersonal and Team Development:
LDS 162 - Conflict Management
LDS 165 - Goal Setting
LDS 019 - Team Building
LDS 183 - Building Bridges 1
LDS 184 - Building Bridges 2 
LDS 185 - Building Bridges 3
LDS 043 - Giving and Receiving Feedback 

Social Justice:
LDS 191 - Leadership and Social Justice
LDS 051 - Leadership Tools for Women 
LDS 111 - Working with Diverse Populations
LDS 207 - GLBT 101
LDS 645 - Trans 101
LDS 195 - Cross Cultural Communication
LDS 208 - Privilege, Power and Leading in a Diverse Environment
LDS 646 - Combating Everyday Microaggressions
LDS 656 - Trans 201: Transcending with Transgender Students in College Environments


The seminars offered in this domain engage participants in critical thinking around the social issues or topics that they are most passionate about. Developing this competency will promote action and leadership to influence change for the betterment of our local and global societies.

Civic Responsibility:
LDS 074 - Creatively Enhancing Your Leadership Style
LDS 175 - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 
LDS 169 - Developing a Compelling Vision for Change 
LDS 149 - Servant Leadership
LDS 647 - Social Change Model

The series of workshops included in this area of focus will prepare participants for positional leadership responsibilities. Attendees will learn to apply leadership practices and philosophies in various workplace circumstances.

Organizational Development:
LDS 170 - Risk Management/Taking
LDS 021 - Situational Leadership
LDS 137 - Ethics and Action
LDS 164 - Time Management
LDS 410 - Making Difficult Decisions 

Career Development:
LDS 197 - Ethics in Business
LDS 194 - Be a Leader With Employers
LDS 057 - Personal Financial Management
LDS 196 - Change Management
LDS 200 - Working with Difficult People
LDS 648 - Generational Differences in The Workplace
LDS 649 - Strategic Planning: Needs Assessment, Prioritizing and Follow-Through
LDS 650 - Research and Assessment
LDS 651 - Articulating Your Leadership Experiences in a Job Search: Resumes, interviews and Networking 


Adverse Weather Policy

It is our policy to cancel Leadership Development Series Workshops if the University has cancelled classes due to adverse weather. If possible, we will attempt to reschedule all cancelled workshops. Please check this site for updated schedules.


All students, faculty and staff of NCSU may attend LDS workshops free of charge.