Donor Information

Donor information

Being an Educated Donor: What you Need to Know

Are you eligible to donate blood?
Are you curious about how your height and weight, tattoos, medical conditions, etc. might affect your eligibility?

First Time Donors
Is this your first time donating blood? Learn more about the donation process.
Are you afraid of needles?  Many people share in your same fear.  Learn about tips for working through your fear.

Have you traveled outside or lived outside the United States?
Tip: If you’ve studied abroad or participated in an Alternative Service Break trip, be sure to verify your eligibilty.

General Health Considerations
Are you in good health?
Are you or have you been sick recently?
Are you curious about what medical conditions could affect your eligibility?

Medications & Medical Treatment
Are you taking any medications or have you recently been vaccinated?
Are you receiving medical treatment that may impact your eligibility?

Blood Types
Curious about your blood type and what it means?

After the Donation
Have you ever wondered what happens to your blood once you have donated?


Still have questions?  Visit the American Red Cross ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ section of their website.

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