4,894 Pints & Counting


For five years, the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, & Public Service and several campus partners have sponsored the Service NC State Blood Drive, in partnership with the American Red Cross.  This life-saving event occurs at the end of Wolfpack Welcome Week on the first Friday of fall classes.  The record-setting drive began in 2010 with a goal of 500 pints.  The NC State community came together to show that we truly do bleed red and we suprassed our goal with a total of 569 pints donated!  Realizing the importance and impact of this life-saving event, we set our sights on an even bolder goal.In 2011, with the support of the American Red Cross, the blood drive committee set a goal of 1,000 pints. Again, the NC State community surpassed their goal by donating a total of 1,046 pints of blood.In 2012, in honor of NC State’s 125th anniversary, the goal was set at 1,250.  The NC State community united and donated a total of 1,137 pints, making the Service NC State Blood Drive the 11th largest American Red Cross single-day blood drive in the country!In 2013, 1,105 pints were donated by the NC community during the 4th annual 1,200 pint Service NC State Blood Drive.In 2014, a remarkable 1,050 pints of blood were collected during the 5th annual Service NC State Blood Drive!To date, a total of 4,894 pints of blood have been donated during the Service NC State Record-Setting Blood Drive!  Because one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives, NC State has potentially touched 14,682 lives through the Service NC State Blood Drive!


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