Timmy Global Health

Timmy’s programming in Napo Province (in the Amazon Basin) relies on collaboration with three partner organizations: Stadler Richter Hospital in Archidona, Tierra Nueva in Quito, and the local government of Napo Province. Access to quality healthcare in the Amazon Basin is extremely low. Timmy is working to increase access to care in our adopted communities through recurring primary care medical clinics and behind the scenes health programs that connect patients to healthcare partners.

The public hospital in Tena, operated and funded by the Ecuadorian government, is consistently understaffed and over-capacity. The only private hospital in the immediate area is in Archidona, a small city 15 minutes from Tena. The Stadler Richter Hospital in Archidona is known for its quality care and outreach to the poor. It offers all basic care and imaging services with some, but not all, specialty care. The remaining gaps in healthcare service are fulfilled by small, private clinics scattered throughout the province.

Timmy’s medical service teams provide primary care clinics throughout their 1-2 week service trips, but a number of patients need specialty or advanced care that can’t be provided through this service. Through our local partnerships, Timmy is able to refer these patients to the Stadler Richter Hospital in nearby Archidona. Working closely with the local government in Napo, Timmy is able to provide patients with transportation to and from Stadler Richter, as well as follow-up for referred patients in each Timmy community.  Additionally, any patient that requires care beyond the capacity of Stadler Richter Hospital can be transferred for further care at Timmy’s partner in Quito, Tierra Nueva. Any patients unable to receive treatment through our partner services have access to outside logistical support from Timmy’s staff on the ground, who help to navigate the bureaucracy of Ecuador’s public health system.

Important Information:

  • Trip dates: March 4-11, 2017
  • Location: Chontapunta, Ecuador
  • Approximate cost: $2,150 – $2,350
  • Trip cost covers transportation, housing, and meals
  • Photos from previous trips

Part of the uniqueness of the ASB experience is the learning component tied to the service. The Ecuador trip allowed students to engage in direct service through a traveling medical clinic while exploring the social justice issue of global health. In doing this, we observed various social inequities present and then learned how they affect global health and what Timmy Global Health, our partner organization, is doing to address such inequities. – Tori Huffman