Dominican Republic

Wine to Water

Wine to Water

Did you know that 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water? That 2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation? Now that you do, do you want to help do something about it?

The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service (CSLEPS) has partnered with the non-profit organization, Wine to Water, who is committed to serving in community to provide water to those in need. Wine to Water develops leaders in community and educates them on proper water and sanitation methods to promote sustainability.

The idea of Wine to Water was established by Doc Hendley, an NC State alum, in 2003 while he was bar tending and playing music in nightclubs around Raleigh. He sent the profits he made from his wine to organizations aiding those in need of clean water, until Doc moved to Darfur, Sudan helping install water systems for the community himself. When he returned in 2005, his work in Sudan drove him to expand the organization he had first created while bar tending. Doc and the Wine to Water team’s work was recognized by the CNN Heroes program in 2009, launching the organization’s efforts globally.

About the Trip

Students will have the opportunity to stay at the Wine to Water ceramic water filter factory in the Dominican Republic where they will help create life-saving water filters. Students will then be able to connect with families in the community first-hand to see how they have benefited from the clean water.

While helping create the water filters, students will learn the materials that go into the filter, how to mold them, fire them in the kiln, and then test for purification. After students have made the filters, they will have the opportunity to distribute them to the families who lack access to clean water. Students will also be following up with previous filter beneficiaries to hear how they have changed their lives. When giving the gift of clean water, life is instantly simplified and prioritized.

Information Book

  • Trip dates: March 3-10, 2017
  • Location: Moca, Dominican Republic
  • Approximate cost: $1,450 – $1,650
  • Trip cost covers transportation, housing, and meals