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Timmy’s programming in Napo Province (in the Amazon Basin) relies on collaboration with three partner organizations: Stadler Richter Hospital in Archidona, Tierra Nueva in Quito, and the local government of Napo Province. Access to quality healthcare in the Amazon Basin is variable but mostly extremely poor. Timmy is working to increase access to care in their adopted communities through recurring primary care medical clinics and behind the scenes health programs that connect patients to healthcare partners.

Within the Napo Province in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador, Timmy works with specific communities to bring in medical brigades every three months.Through this ASB trip, NC State will partner with Timmy to help bring these clinics to five different communities within the Napo Province. We will be accompanied by medical professionals, EMS personnel, pharmacists and other volunteers that will join the brigade from the US and Ecuador. Students will have multiple roles throughout the week in these clinics including: setting up and tearing down clinic, scribing for doctors, triage, sorting and filling prescriptions in the pharmacy, providing basic educational programs on sanitation and health, and interacting with  adults and children that visit the clinic. Throughout this entire process, students also have the opportunity to connect with medical providers, ask questions, and experience first-hand the kinds of challenges that global health professionals are working to address.

The Timmy ASB experience is unique in that it has a learning component to complement its service component, Students chosen for this trip will be required to take a one credit-hour course to help them connect their service in the context of major issues within global health and social justice. In doing this, students can directly observe the social determinants of health, the health disparities within Ecuador, and discover how global health initiatives and Timmy Global Health help address these issues everyday. Through all this, participants will help connect people in the region with quality, sustainable  healthcare while also learning along the way.

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Part of the uniqueness of the ASB experience is the learning component tied to the service. The Ecuador trip allowed students to engage in direct service through a traveling medical clinic while exploring the social justice issue of global health. In doing this, we observed various social inequities present and then learned how they affect global health and what Timmy Global Health, our partner organization, is doing to address such inequities. – Tori Huffman