Student Organization Outstanding Achievement Awards

Student Organization Outstanding Achievement Awards copy

Join us in recognizing the amazing work of our student organization members and advisors. We are excited to introduce our inaugural Student Organization Outstanding Achievement Awards.  The Outstanding Achievement Awards are presented to deserving student organizations, leaders, and advisors that have demonstrated excellence.  Organizations can self-nominate or be nominated to different categories that best fits their achievement.

*A description of each outstanding achievement award is provided below with a link to the nomination form.

Student Organization Award of Distinction

This award recognizes a student organization that has made a significant and meaningful contribution to students, the NC State and/or the surrounding community; demonstrated exceptional leadership from officers and members, and benefits its membership through support, scholarship/education, or activities. Organization programming should reflect an effort to advance the social, moral, cultural, intellectual, and physical development of individual members and the university community.

Outstanding New Student Organization 

This award will be given to an organization new to the campus during the current academic year. The organization will demonstrate a progression of growth, improvement and achievement throughout the year as indicated by their programming and membership. Along with fostering personal and professional excellence in its members, this organization will have had an impact on the NC State and surrounding community.

Outstanding Student Organization Program

This award is designed to recognize a program or event that had a significant impact on the campus community. The Event/Program of the Year Award will be presented to the registered student organization that implements the most successful, creative and innovative event or program. Consideration will be given to the program that reached a diverse student audience; demonstrated sustainability, creativity, was overall a well-planned, fiscally sound program.

Outstanding Teamwork/Collaboration by a Student Organization

This award recognizes the student organization(s) that most embodied the elements of teamwork and collaboration through quality programming. Consideration will be given to an organization or organizations that have collaborated to host programs or events that positively impacted the NC State and surrounding community.

Outstanding Student Organization On-line Presence 

Recognizes a student organization with an impressive online presence, particularly within the Get Involved system. Consideration will be given to the student organization that demonstrates the most effective and creative use of their Get Involved webpage, external websites and other social media sites. Customization includes layout and graphics, usability/navigation, and up-to-date/pertinent information of any sites.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award 

Recognizes an advisor who has had a positive impact on a student organization and the University community; demonstrates strong advising skills, is readily available to students, and takes great strides to help the organization’s leaders.