Visionary Leaders Certificate

The Visionary Leaders Certificate (VLC) Program is a great way to experience the Leadership Development Series (LDS) and apply what you’ve learned while attending NC State.

The Visionary Leaders Certificate is earned by:

  1. Download the VLC Manual and review all requirements.  (If you have questions, you can request a meeting with staff to discuss.)
  2. Filling out the Declaration of Intent form. You may submit this via Google Forms or acquire a printed copy from a staff member in the CSLEPS suite (4111 Talley).
  3. Attending 12 Leadership Development Series workshops – 8 required (noted as “core” workshops) and 4 elective workshops of your choice.  Complete a reflection for each workshop.
  4. Completing the minimum number of community service and/or civic engagement hours as outlined in the VLC Manual. You will set goals for your service and complete a reflection paper.
  5. Completing a leadership experience to apply what you learn in the workshops.
  6. Creating a Leadership Portfolio with your reflections as outlined in the VLC Manual.
  7. Submitting your completed Leadership Portfolio to CSLEPS. At that time you will schedule a meeting with one of our staff members to review your portfolio. Students who complete this process will then be awarded a Visionary Leader Certificate.

2016 – 2017 Portfolio Deadline: April 3, 2017

The Ronald C. Butler Visionary Leader Award recognizes one Visionary Leadership Certificate program graduate each year for their outstanding commitment to their own leadership development.

Butler Award Winners

  • 2017: Luana Furlanetto
  • 2016: Salomé Froment
  • 2015: Erin Beasley
  • 2014: Alexander Japit
  • 2013: Suzanne Martin
  • 2012: Justin Wellons
  • 2011: Katina Gad
  • 2010: Joseph Rozsa
  • 2009: Patrick Robinson
  • 2008: Sophie Francis
  • 2007: Ian Jester
  • 2006: Sara Harton
  • 2005: Tiffany Peters
  • 2004: Bryan Swierenga