Visionary Leaders Certificate

The Visionary Leaders Certificate (VLC) Program is a great way to experience the Leadership Development Series (LDS) and apply what you’ve learned while attending NC State.

The Visionary Leaders Certificate is earned by:

  1. Download the VLC Manual and review all requirements.  (If you have questions, you can request a meeting with staff to discuss.)
  2. Filling out the Declaration of Intent form. You may submit this via Google Forms or acquire a printed copy from a staff member in the CSLEPS suite (4111 Talley).
  3. Attending 12 Leadership Development Series workshops – 8 required (noted as “core” workshops) and 4 elective workshops of your choice.  Complete a reflection for each workshop.
  4. Completing the minimum number of community service and/or civic engagement hours as outlined in the VLC Manual. You will set goals for your service and complete a reflection paper.
  5. Completing a leadership experience to apply what you learn in the workshops.
  6. Creating a Leadership Portfolio with your reflections as outlined in the VLC Manual.
  7. Submitting your completed Leadership Portfolio to CSLEPS. At that time you will schedule a meeting with one of our staff members to review your portfolio. Students who complete this process will then be awarded a Visionary Leader Certificate.

2016 – 2017 Portfolio Deadline: April 3, 2017

One student each year will be selected and recognized for the most outstanding portfolio and will receive the Ron Butler Leadership Award.

Butler Award Winners

  • 2015: Erin Beasley
  • 2014: Alexander Japit
  • 2013: Suzanne Martin
  • 2012: Justin Wellons
  • 2011: Katina Gad
  • 2010: Joseph Rozsa
  • 2009: Patrick Robinson
  • 2008: Sophie Francis
  • 2007: Ian Jester
  • 2006: Sara Harton
  • 2005: Tiffany Peters
  • 2004: Bryan Swierenga